Winter is Coming Miner

Installing and Running WIC Miner

Aquila Systems, November 2021

The Winter is Coming (WIC) Miner is an Ethereum cryto-currency miner that uniquely is designed to run on Intel/AMD based server type computer systems.    

To install and run the WIC miner under modern Linux distros follow the instructions below.    

These instructions assume you know how to access to your Linux systems and issue basic Linux commands.     This can be run as any user we highly recommend running as a regular user.  

The steps below you can do at this terminal or remotely through ssh (putty in Windows)

         To ssh In Linux/Mac: ssh user@ipaddress


1. By running the command below which downloads the WIC Miner you agree to the WIC Miner License Agreement

      curl >was.tar.gz

2.   Extract the files in the downloaded

      tar -xvzf was.tar.gz

3.  Change to the miner directory

      cd wicminer

4.  Use the nano editor to put in your (copy&paste) public Ethereum mining address from your wallet.

      nano mp

If you are using AMD ThreadRipper set the line that reads WICRIPPER=NO to YES

If you are essentially dedicating this machine to mining change the line WICDEDICATED=NO to YES

If you wish to override the automatic thread usage detemination you can set WICTHREADS to the number of Worker Threads.   The WICWorker usually does a good job determining the appropriate number of threads automagically.

5.  Start the WIC Miner.    It will immediately return and run in the background


6.  You can now logout at any point by typing exit the miner will continue to run


7.  After a few hours you can check the status by logging in as same user and type

      cd wicminer


You can login and repeat step 7 periodically to see the status.     As long as the power stays on there is no need to repeat these steps.    When spring arrives you can stop the mining or just mine at night see here.

If you wish to stop the mining.

     cd wicminer


To set an end time each day to pause mining until midnight or to command a pause see the WIC Miner Pausing page.

If you wish to remove the WIC Miner all the files are in the wicminer directory.    So stop mining and just remove the wicminer directory.